Prepare for the Shoot

How to Prepare for the Shoot

All of our shoots are ‘as is’ and we do not provide a cleaning service, we do not rearrange furniture/clutter, and we do not photoshop the contents of the home what so ever.  Our goal is to provide potential buyers with the most accurate representation of the home.  You can assist us prior to the appointment by completing a couple of the tips provided below.

Again, these are not requirements, they are just the most beneficial suggestions that we feel will achieve the best possible results from the photo shoot of the property.

General suggestions:

  • Reduce clutter. Boxing up additional clutter prior to the shot is singlehandedly the biggest asset to a perfect shot.
  • Thoroughly clean the home inside and out. Include an extensive dusting as well.  Our photography is so detailed, that dust can and will be seen in most shots unless it is removed prior to the shot.
  • Clean all windows inside and out. Our photos showcase clear windows and the cleaner they are, the clearer they show up in photographs.
  • Replace any and all burnt our light bulbs.
  • Iron out any fabric window curtains.
  • Replace/repair all damaged furniture or walls.
  • Remove all personal family photos.
  • Remove children’s toys.
  • Remove all evidence of family pets.

Kitchen Suggestions:

  • Remove trash containers.
  • Remove dishwashing soap and dish towels.
  • Remove any magnets on the refrigerator.
  • Add a tea pot on the stove.
  • Adding flowers on a table or island increases the beauty of all shots.
  • Displaying a single cookbook adds character.

Living Areas Suggestions:

  • Remove remote controls.
  • Hide or manage electric wires as much as possible. Eliminating them all together for the shoot is strongly suggested.
  • Add flowers or plants, everyone loves flowers and plants including our photographs.
  • Add a single book or magazine to a coffee table.
  • Fluff throw pillows and then give them a slight karate chop to the top of the pillow to add character.

Bathroom Suggestions:

  • Remove toothbrushes.
  • Remove make up.
  • Add nicely folded towels on any towel racks.
  • Iron out any fabric shower curtains.

Bedroom Suggestions:

  • Clean up clothes/laundry.
  • Try to eliminate all family photos.
  • Remove tissue boxes.
  • Remove hampers.
  • Fluff pillows. Fluff any throw pillows and then give them a slight karate chop to the top of the pillow to add character.
  • Iron any bed coverings or visible blankets.

Exterior Suggestions:

  • Maintain the lawn.
  • Thoroughly clean the whole lawn from debris and trash.
  • Eliminate, or at least organize all toys in a neat manner.
  • Remove Trash cans.
  • Open umbrellas.
  • Add one single floating raft to any open pool.
  • Uncover any whirlpool/spa if operational.